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Friday, March 16, 2012

Grada - River (for St. Patrick's Day)

Ho trovato qualcosa di davvero speciale per questo Paddy's Day. I Grada interpretano in modo accattivante "River", la canzone composta dalla cantante dublinese Susan McKeown. Il testo si basa sui racconti di antichi eroi irlandesi, che trovavano forza e coraggio bagnandosi nelle acque dei loro fiumi. Guardando oltre, il testo esprime un forte desiderio di pace e di unità, un invito a superare le divisioni che hanna lacerato per decenni la vita sociale d'Irlanda.

 I found a special one for this Paddy's Day. Grada perform a wonderful version of "River", the song by dubliner singer and composer Susan McKeown. Lyrics are based on ancient Irish tales about heroes that found strength and courage bathing in Ireland's rivers, named after godesses. Looking beyons that, the song express a strong will of peace and unity, a call for overcoming decades of struggles brought from divisions. 

 Grada - River (S. McKeown) from "Cloudy Day Navigation" (Compass, 2007)

Bathe me in the waters of the Lagan of the Boyne
Of the Liffey of the Slaney, of the Barrow, Sore and Suir
Of the Blackwater, the Bann, the Lee, the Shannon, Foyle and Erne
Bathe me in the waters

O bless the water that flows from the fields
Into the sea that surrounds our little island of green
Hope is a river that flows from these stone walls
Into an ocean we have never seen

Hope is a dress that my mother once wore
A fiddle tune I heard that has no words
Hope is the one thing we have never lost
Though we are tired from the old war

Same anger in our hearts, same desolation and loss
Why are we divided
Bind us in friendship so rage will never rise again
In fair Eire between friends


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